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Low participation has an impact on membership and membership affects participation. One can see the cycle continually aggravating both issues. Next week’s speaker is a mystery guest who we will welcome with open arms and a thunderous ovation. Without a doubt you will want to be in attendance.

These were usually worn by officers but by a twist of fate or some real good acquisitions’ they were acquired for the enlisted man in the brigade. There was a second presentation on attendance and what is being discussed by the attendance committee. Talking points outlined by the committee were presented and much discussion ensued.

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A work group or team may be permanent, forming part of the organization’s structure, such as a top management team, or temporary, such as a task force assembled to see through a particular project. Members may work as a group continuously or meet only intermittently. The more direct contact and communication team members have with each other, the more likely they are to function well as a team. Thus, getting a group to function well is a valuable management aim.

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She educated us on some of the new direction the City of South Bend is taking. She stressed that old business models need to be looked at and that we have to adapt to some new ways of thinking in order to succeed. The triple bottom line has to be People, Profit, and Planet.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Economists call this situation thefree rider problem—when individuals benefit from the cooperation of others without contributing anything in return (Grossman & Hart, 1980). Although these sorts of actions may benefit the free rider in the short-term, free riding can have a negative impact on a person’s social reputation over time. In the above example, for instance, the “free riding” student may develop a reputation as lazy or untrustworthy, leading others to be less willing to work with him or her in the future. When empathizing with a person in distress, the natural desire to help is often expressed as a desire to cooperate. In one study, just before playing an economic game with a partner in another room, participants were given a note revealing that their partner had just gone through a rough breakup and needed some cheering up.

  • Answers to this weeks riddles will be answered at next weeks meeting.
  • Members that attend a makeup meeting will not be billed.
  • N.D. Women lost the First Place title in the Final Four after a record (37-0) season.
  • Controlling the Agenda.One of the simplest ways to influence a decision is to ensure that it never comes up for consideration in the first place.
  • It seems we did not have that many happy people so fines were collected with gusto.

Two weeks ago, PRESIDENT BOB SONES sent everyone an E-Mail asking they bring all “Let’s Play POKER” cards to last week’s meeting so as a winner could be selected. This was cancelled and extended to this week, at which time the winner of $54.00 was being picked. THE WINNER WAS CLIFF WITKOWSK with a “3 Queens + 2-10’s”.

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Involves disagreements between two opposing social groups over goals or sharing resources. For example, conflict between the marketing and production units within a corporation as each vies for more resources to accomplish its subgoals. Intergroup conflict is typically the most complicated form of conflict because of the number of individuals involved.

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We have so many nice people that it makes this outing very special. If you missed it, you missed a special time of fellowship. Roseland Rotary June 21, 2012 meeting was held at Tom and Sue Ellen Hickey’s home. As always the Hickeys provided and exceptional setting and provided an excellent meal. The weather started out on the damp side, however after some urging by Tom and Sue Ellen plus Rotary Members the weather cleared and the sun emerged. On the economy, Mr. Mourdock spoke on the unemployment figures.

Please make every effort to attend next week’s meeting as we will be visited by District Governor Roger Sims. If you have not heard Roger speak you are in for a treat. To a club meeting when they are done reading them. These will be combined with other materials to provide a packet of information that will be given to guests that attend our meeting. Ben Bendit brought members up to date on the progress being made at the Claver house. He also announced the details of the project for the next couple of weeks.

Are you a fan of DOTA, and you want to experience DOTA gameplay in retro style? Then look no further than the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is one of the best RPG games on the market for GBA players. It features rigorous combat styles, insane puzzles, some magical spells & dangerous swords. Gameboy Advance and Gameboy is where it all began, the story of handheld gaming experiences. Apparently, GBA became one of the high demand consoles on the planet Earth since the time of its inception.

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JOE MALOMEY was back from Austria and stated his daughter had a baby girl weight given in MM. He also said he almost had Florida weather while there and hated to return to our frozen tundra. We are sorry to learn, that Al Veldman’s brother Pete died last Monday, Our condolences to Al and this large family. It is noted that the funeral procession of over 100 cars, traveling East to the gravesite, stopped all traffic on Cleveland Road for over 5 minutes.

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This is an event we ask every Roseland Rotarian to help with. Attend next week’s meeting to sign up or call now to reserve a date and time. Today’s weather was not perfect yet 14 were in attendance for today’s Roseland Rotary meeting. It’s always good to be back home at the Waterford Lounge. It’s good to visit other venues but always good to be back home.

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