Tips For Getting Profitable Leads

In the marketing process you don’t always send out something and get a customer.  In fact, there will be many people out there that will see your product ten to twenty times and never even consider purchasing.  This is why you want to get leads for your business and in most cases, you want to get leads that are specific to your niche market.

When we focus on people in our niche market, we are getting people who are interested in our specific offerings.  For example, if you are looking for franchise owners, you will want to consider franchise lead generation as your customer base.  The reason we go for a specific niche is because they are predisposed to wanting to hear our message.  If we try to shove our message to a mass audience, then we will get less results.

Craft your message

It is vital that you spend most of your time crafting your message.  When you craft a message that people want to hear then they will turn their attention towards you.  Once you have their attention your offer or message has to have a benefit that outweighs your ask. 

When we craft a message, we will be asking for something.  We will be asking for an email address or other piece of information.  This is how a lead is gained.  From there, the bribe or offer for that email has to be great.  For example, if you are asking for an email offering a free report or something else can push people over the edge.  However, if you are asking for people to spend a large sum of money with you, then the ask is typically too high for what they are getting, especially if it is a first point of contact.

franchise lead generation

When it comes to getting leads you have to play it like fishing.  Toss in some bait and see who nibbles.  Then play around a little so each party knows what it is they are getting before they are reeled in to your main ask.