Floor Cleaning Methods For Your Business

Keeping the floor of your commercial building nice and clean is one of the best things you can do in the interest of making your building look great, as well as providing a safe walking area for customers and staff. When you want to keep safety and appearance in mind, you want to consider a few specific floor cleaning methods for your business.

While some of these floor cleaning methods will differ depending on the type of floor you have in your shop or office, the importance of making sure your floor is consistently kept clean is the same. It is a very good practice to uphold to make things safe and looking great for everyone who steps across the floor in your building.

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Think About These Cleaning Techniques

Here are a few of the most popular cleaning methods for commercial floors. If needed, you can adapt these methods to work for you if you have an uncommon floor type.

Practice consistent good mopping practices. Work to remove all of the debris on the floor that could be a slip hazard. Always start at the entrance when mopping and work your way back, making sure to cover all of the floor, particularly traffic-heavy areas.

Think about scrubbing the floor to buff out anything a simple mop job can’t get. The floor machine should be moved from side to side for maximum coverage while the floor solution is being applied. You will want to make sure you cover the entire floor to ensure you got everything.

If stripping the floor, make sure the solution is applied evenly all over the floor with a mop, and then allowed to work on the floor for at least five to ten minutes before you remove it. Don’t let this solution dry to avoid complications.

When you want to make sure your floor is looking nice and is always safe for employees and customers, think about incorporating these floor cleaning techniques into your building maintenance to-do list. If you don’t have the staff to do these jobs, you can always hire outside cleaning help from commercial floor care in Portland, OR professionals so you can make sure the job gets done right.