Can Bail Bondsman Garnish Wages?

The process of getting out of jail when a bond is issued is to contact a bail bondsman.  There are going to be many choices when it comes to getting Sacramento Bail Bonds, however, once out of jail, many people will tend to forget about the debt they owe and may find themselves in another legal battle.  One question that many people will ask is, can a bail bondsman garnish their wages or otherwise seize property?

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The answer to this question is no and yes.  However, it isn’t as simple as having bondsmen from companies like Acme Bail Bonds come  knocking on your door, walking in with a dolly and loading up your house into a U-Haul truck.  There is a legal procedure and process that needs to be followed first.

First step is to try and collect the debt themselves.  This is where they will send letters and notifications that the debt is owed and it needs to be repaid.  Typically, most people will simply toss these into the trash or refuse to answer their phones.  This is not a good idea, mainly because you never know if you will need a bondsman again and you don’t want to get blacklisted.

Go to court

The next step of the process is to take the matter to court.  When taking it to court the judge will more than likely rule in the favor of the bondsman since they did perform a service that is well documented.  Again, don’t let it get this far, you may need them again in the future.  Once a judgment is made then the bondsman can again pursue other actions to gain their debt.

Contacting creditors and employment

With legal papers in hand the bondsman can now go to your job and to other creditors such as the IRS and have your paycheck garnished and even your taxes withheld in order to receive their funds.  This can become very messy and a situation that you will really want to try to avoid if at all possible.